Buying Pottery in Cappadocia


Do you visit Cappadocia pottery as a gift or souvenir when visiting this beautiful region?

A unique ceramic bowl made of Red River clay in Avanos can be a perfect souvenir to remind you of the wonderful time you spend here

These ceramic masters do just about anything that can be imagined in their workshops and give visitors the opportunity to try their hands.

Regardless, this is your chance to show off your (lack of) skills. Sitting behind the wheel of the potter is fun (especially for children) and free.

You’re gonna want to do some shopping when you’re done The most popular works are the ancient Hittite imitation pieces, including their unique shape and colorful designs of annular wine bottles.

Avanos and Cavusin are the most beautiful places to visit if you are interested in the Cappadocia pottery.

If you go, we can give you advice for those who aren’t connected to a big tour group. You have a choice of which store to give to your business, make the most of it. Do not hurry Go to a few shops and check out the variety. When you get an idea of ​​what you want, you’ll find that prices can vary considerably. The seller expects you to negotiate, so don’t disappoint him.

When you return to your home, when you look at the pottery which is clearly displayed in your living room, Cappadocia will always remain in your heart.